The day I was born

September 13, 2006. My mom woke up at around 5 in the morning; her tummy, painful and the bed is wet. Her water bag broke! My dad quickly double checked the things we're suppose to bring to the hospital and went out to call for a van. There was fear and excitement in everyone's eyes. I will be the first born child of my mom and dad. This is going to be their first time.

Complaining of pain all the way through the hospital, my mom kept asking for a massage on her legs and feet. We arrived at the Ciudad Medical Center at about a quarter to 7am. My mom's Ob-Gyne was not around and is unreachable, so the hospital decided to call another doctor who can help me get out.

So at exactly 7:20 in the morning of September 13, 2006, I came out to this world, healthy and strong. My parents already decided what my name is several months ago. I am to be called Alexa Marie.

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